Valentina Priboi – Attorney at law Romania – Debt collection, Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Commercial, Criminal case lawyer in Bucharest, Romania – Law firm Bucharest, Romania

Valentina Priboi is one of the best lawyers in transportation, debt collection and taxes in Romania. Being attorney at law in Bucharest Bar since 2011, a lot of business customers from transport area and many other activities ask her for consultancy in taxes, fiscality, commercial or labour area. Romanians, Polands or Italian well-known brands ask us for optimal solutions in legal cases. And we are everytime glad to find a good way to solve their problems, especially when a case is difficult or just impossible for others!

Where we are working? Our lawyers are working everywhere in Romania: Bucharest, Timisoara, Oradea, Cluj – Napoca, Iasi, Constanta, Brasov, Galati, Craiova, Sibiu, Pitesti and any other cities.

Here you can find our activities area: debt collection, criminal cases, transportation, taxes – fiscality or commercial. For our legal services, you better call us to obtain exact honorarium at (004) 0746 548 064 or write us at contact@priboisiasociatii.ro

Taxes – fiscality – Every term, every document in tax litigation could make difference between lose or win a case. When you feel that your accountant’s informations are right only in economic perspective but not in legal vision, call us till it’s too late! Against Fiscal Authorities or another funds or banks we have the experience for canceling any amounts that you are forced to pay.

Commercial law – Our experience in commercial law is a chance for you in starting or increasing your business in Romania. If you want to start a business in Romania, to change shareholders, to modify any brand’s documents or everything to do in your activity, contact us for getting the best way.

Debt collection – Working with Priboi and Associates since year 2011, it’s sure that our experience for recovery debts has grown day by day and now, we can offer you the fastest and the most efficient way to collect your debt, your money.

Transport – If you are carrier on trucks – TIR, we have all the answers for all of your questions. Objections on CMR, problems with Authorities on the roads or every specific problems of truckers. Most of our customers are truck owners, logistic and transport brands and they know very well that a problem in transport need to be solved with a transport lawyer.

Attorney at law – Valentina Priboi – valentina@priboisiasociatii.ro – (004) 0746 548 064