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Attorneys at law in Romania – how to choose the best lawyer in Bucharest?

It doesn’t matter where you are from, where is your business but if you want to open a subsidiary, a branch or a representative in Romania, I say you directly: Bucharest, Cluj Napoca or Timisoara, Arad, Oradea are one of the best places to start your business in Europe. Qualified workforce, cheap taxes and low salaries are the first reasons. But when you come here you need to know a good accountant and one smart lawyer.

Why do you need a good lawyer? Because you have to obtain documents from Romanian authorities, then to get real informations from a honest counsel. The issues of labor law with the employees, negotiations with suppliers, debt recovery and transportation costs and all the difficulties of goods dividing are problems that you need to solve it together with your attorney. We strongly recommend you not to choose randomly a lawyer: ask somebody for his expertise, cheek his recomandations and then decide.

We offer you legal services in commercial, civil, transportation and debts recovery everywhere in Romania: Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Constanta, Oradea, Timisoara, Brasov, Iasi or Craiova. Our partners may offer you another support services in related areas like transportation, IT, constructions and many others, so visit and if you want join us to connect with Romanian business.

Valentina Priboi, cel mai bun avocat de recuperari creante

Nu o spunem noi, ci clientii nostri din Romania, Grecia, cei din Italia, din Polonia sau din Africa de Sud. Cuvantul respectat, promisiunile indeplinite, ne-au crescut reputatia in randul partenerilor cabinetului nostru: fie ca sunt transportatori, multinationale din domeniul constructiilor sau agriculturii sau antreprenori din domeniul productiei de diverse bunuri si servicii & tehnica.

Comunitatea de afaceri BreadRiver ne recomanda inca de cateva luni pentru rezultatele remarcabile obtinute de-a lungul anilor in servicii conexe transportului rutier de marfa – ” Valentina Priboi – cel mai bun avocat de transporturi, recuperari creante si uzucapiune ” .

Sursele online mai arata si o inclinatie deosebita a echipei conduse de doamna avocat Valentina Priboi spre solutionarea cu succes a proceselor de uzucapiune si accesiune, astfel ca, potrivit statisticilor de cautare oferite de Google, Valentina Priboi se prezinta ca fiind un avocat foarte bun in cazurile de uzucapiune si accesiune, atat in Bucuresti, cat si in toata Romania. Si, ca un reflex al profesiei, nu vorbim fara probe: cautati despre noi pe portalul instantelor de judecata: am putea avea atatea dosare daca nu am fi foarte buni?

Avocat Valentina Priboi – Baroul Bucuresti